Services We Offer

A lot of focus nowadays is on automation, as this makes life simpler for both the business and the customer. Pineapple Technology can create automated systems for your business, as well as any other technical solutions required to streamline your organisation. 

So if you’re looking for tailored software or website design, Dorset based Pineapple Technology are perfectly placed to help your business flourish. The services we offer are listed below, but for more information you can visit the Pineapple Technology website. 

Loan Application Models

Pineapple Technology will take into account the specific needs of your business, designing and engineering software solutions that not only meet the requirements of your financial websites, but also have enough flexibility to adapt when you need to make any changes.

In terms of loan application models, we have previously created custom software for HCSTC brands. The application workflow can be completely customised, with bespoke integrations to support third party suppliers. The application itself can also be adapted to suit your business needs, with full reporting capability built in, so you can easily measure engagement and activity on the site. 

Loan Decisioning & Credit Risk Scorecarding

Each step of the loan decisioning process can be adjusted, in line with your organisation’s appetite for risk, and to save on more costly checks, the cascading flow of the loan decisioning journey can be entirely moved. Pre-checks are included in the design too, to remove non-applicable applications before they move fully into the engine.

In terms of scorecarding, this was an approach used by our partner PiggyBank, and involves assigning a score - similar to that of a standard credit score - to an application in order to determine the level of risk.

Customer Relationship Management

Pineapple Technology can build your organisation bespoke data hubs, which store information about your customers, such as contact details, credit file and loan decision responses. The CRM system also allows customer care teams to input further information should they speak with the customer. 

The system can be completely customised to suit your business needs, such as segmenting specific information into different tabs, and including permissions to restrict access to certain actions. 

Our products also include the Flows System, Caselisting System and E-Comms System. These systems allow customer care agents to be guided through a conversation with a customer using signposting, make managing accounts simple, and connect multiple inboxes to the CRM system respectively.