At Pineapple Recruitment, our team of professional recruitment consultants provide their gold standard service– fast and friendly, tailored and transparent and with no hard sell.


About Pineapple Recruitment

As we successfully recruited over 200 members of staff in our previous business experiences, we decided to create Pineapple Recruitment in order to share our knowledge of hiring to candidates and businesses in Dorset, Hampshire and beyond.

We have expertise in hiring, training, and auditing new and seasoned agents, so we understand the full process of hiring outstanding company representatives. We offer bespoke onboarding for candidates and businesses alike to make the whole process easy and seamless for all concerned.

At Pineapple Recruitment, we’re confident that we can help businesses hire permanent candidates, and applicants move into suitable roles. We furthermore offer consultancy services, which includes bespoke training packs for staff, personalised onboarding plans and fully compliant process documentation to support your business.

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Services We Offer

Whether you’re a candidate looking for a job in the UK, or a business hoping to fill fixed term customer service roles, Pineapple Recruitment can help. We offer a number of services for both employers and candidates, from recruitment to various consultancy services.

We’ve outlined the key services we offer below, but for more information you can visit the website directly, or get in touch with the Pineapple Recruitment team.

Recruitment Services

We specialise in placing permanent staff, particularly in roles with a notoriously high turnover rate, such as contact centre jobs. But Pineapple Recruitment also offer recruitment services for anyone looking to work part time, or on a flexible schedule.

Our main focus is recruitment within Hampshire and Dorset, but we are currently spreading our reach further afield! In terms of our recruitment background, our management team previously ran an award winning business that, despite being in a high turnover industry, onboarded permanent staff. We don’t want to just find you candidates, we want them to have longevity.

For applicants, we will take into account your previous experience and your current skill set, to find ideal roles for you. And because you’ll be matched with a company with a great culture and similar values, you can be sure you will fit right in.

Consultancy Services

At Pineapple Recruitment, we’re not just a recruitment specialist – we also offer consultancy services. This includes bespoke training packs for staff, personalised onboarding plans and fully compliant process documentation to support your business.

We can furthermore provide your organisation with demand forecasting, resource planning, and technology specifications, so that you can be ahead of the curve when it comes to recruitment. And once you have the staff you require, our consultancy team can assist you with audits and performance management plans.


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