Services We Offer

The Pineapple Agency offers a range of services when it comes to digital marketing and development, which include strategy and planning, developing for UX and social media services.

We’ve provided a brief overview of each of the key areas we focus on below, but for more information, you can check out the Pineapple Agency website. 

Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, The Pineapple Agency starts with a complete review of your current strategy and target audience. We’ll look at your campaign goals and budgetary parameters to determine the best way to move forward in terms of market opportunity and measuring success. 

Two of the main focuses of any digital marketing campaign are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click). The Pineapple Agency has plenty of experience in both, after creating numerous websites and digital marketing strategies. Our team of SEO analysts will take into account your initial website and keyword rankings, and craft a tailored strategy to boost your overall rankings, traffic and conversions.

Digital Strategy

In terms of digital strategy, outstanding content is crucial. We will therefore help you create engaging content that matches up with your company objectives, in order to generate sales and conversions, drive traffic and create lasting relationships with your customer base.

The Pineapple Agency will take the defined key metrics of your business, such as your KPIs. and specific goals, and create a digital strategy to meet these targets. We’ll also measure and track your performance moving forward, finding the greatest cost efficiencies to save you money.

Mobile App & Web Development

As the technological world becomes more and more advanced, it’s important to ensure that the website or app you present to your customers meets their needs. Whether your customers are accessing your site via iOS, Android or a tablet, your brand simply can’t afford to be left behind.

With The Pineapple Agency, we’ll ensure that your website or app are completely optimised, so that they will work on just about any device. We’ll also take into consideration any software updates and the browser your customers use - that way, no matter the point of entry, they’ll have the experience you intended. 

Social Media Services

Social media can be a challenging thing to get right. But with a comprehensive strategy and guidance in terms of implementation from The Pineapple Agency, you’ll be able to raise brand awareness, form and develop customer relationships, and promote your products via social media.

We have experience developing marketing strategies across all the main social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. A strong social media presence can add value to your brand and help sales and conversions. 

UX/Digital Design

In terms of user experience, the digital design you choose makes a huge difference. You need to make sure you appeal to the right demographic - a corporate logo would not work for a business selling to a younger audience, for instance.

There are a number of things we take into account when it comes to designing for your target audience, such as ease of use, scalability and flexibility, along with brand consistency. We’ll work with you to ensure that you tick all of these boxes, and provide your users with the best possible experience.

Website Design & Development

We understand what makes a compelling website. We’ve got years of experience behind us developing tailor made sites that are not just fit for purpose - they also stand out, and are always true to the aesthetic of the organisation.

We listen to the needs of our clients, as well as the opinions of the end users, to determine what the consumers are looking for and where improvements are possible. With The Pineapple Agency, you can be assured that your end product will exceed your expectations.