Services We Offer

While our main focus is affiliate networking and lead generation, we offer a range of services for all our lending partners. These include a customisable dashboard with interactive features, which will give you an overview of how your campaigns are performing and allow you to make any required adjustments. 

So if you’re looking for a platform with no set up fees, simple and straightforward integration and real time reporting, Leadtree Global can help! The main services we offer are listed below, but you can visit the Leadtree Global website for more information.

Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing is beneficial for all parties involved - the lender gains business and brand awareness, the affiliate earns a commission, while the consumer is referred to a trusted lending partner. 

In terms of integrating with Leadtree Global as a direct lender or affiliate, this is a quick and easy process, and our tech team will be to hand throughout, offering guidance and support. You’ll then be provided with a complete performance monitoring platform, which gives a complete overview of your campaigns, provides valuable metrics and allows for constant adjustments.  

Authorised Representatives

We don’t just work with direct lenders, Leadtree Global also has several Authorised Representatives in our network. An Authorised Representative is similar to a broker, generating traffic using the main channels of PPC, SEO and direct marketing, but do not require their own regulatory licence. 

An Authorised Representative would instead use Leadtree Global’s licence, integrating with us via an API or iFrame, or simply directing traffic to one of our sites. Becoming an Authorised Representative for us can earn you a competitive commission, but without the hassle of  procuring your own regulatory licence.

Monetising Declined Applications

As a lender, you will not be able to accept every application you receive. But this does not mean you can’t monetise your declined traffic, using a decline page with a click-through link or by sending such traffic into our pingtree. 

Both of these options can help your business see a significant increase in revenue - for a case study of one of our static declined pages, you can visit the Leadtree Global website.