Content Strategy

Here at Big Golden Pineapple, we believe that in order to drive online success, outstanding content is crucial. Therefore our strategic approach to content is about marrying clearly defined company objectives and engaging and exciting content. Whether you're looking for transactional results in terms of generating sales and conversions or transformative results, which come with genuine behavioural changes, we offer a number of inputs.

Our digital strategy and positioning are informed by a framework for developing insights, which include:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Audience Research
  • Social Listening
  • Website Analytics
  • Sales Figures
  • Customer Specific Data
  • Tech Landscape
  • Stakeholder Insights
  • Global Issues
  • Search Engine Research

Identifying Appropriate Platforms

Creating an intelligent digital strategy has become more challenging in recent years, as it has become harder to identify the proper platforms and networks. There are more multi-channel communication opportunities now than ever, and so many other things to consider too. These include your target audience, the right technology, the functionality and features of your site, interoperability, as well as reporting. When identifying the best digital platform for your business, we take all of these things into account, and create a solid digital strategy for you and your organisation.

How Do We Create a Better Digital Strategy for Your Business?

When it comes to a measured and purposeful plan, you first have to define the key metrics you're measuring, such as KPIs, general and specific goals, segments and targets.

We'll measure and track your performance, to help you build a better, stronger strategy and business moving forward. Such data measurement includes identifying the channels that are performing well, and the impact your digital campaigns are making in terms of your overall operations. We can furthermore assist you in finding the greatest cost efficiencies to save you money.