Strategic Planning and Execution

Drive traffic, build engagement, score meaningful conversions and cultivate long-term relationships with smart, cost-effective, integrated campaigns that focus on relevant targets. Big Golden Pineapple’s core digital marketing services and channels include:

  • Strategic Campaign Planning
  • Organic SEO
  • Contextual & Display Advertising
  • Testing & Optimization

Digital Campaign Planning

Behavioural? Transformative? Transactional? What are your campaign goals and who’s in your targeted audience? What are the budgetary parameters? Where are areas of opportunity? How do we measure success?

Asking these questions at the outset of any campaign enables us to craft a measurable effort that achieves real results.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about enhancing your visibility within search engines, such as Google and Bing. Whether you concentrate on this alone or as part of an SEM initiative, with SEO you can more easily make connections with interested consumers.

Our internal process begins with an Optivista™ report, which gives your business a full view of all the SEO obstacles and opportunities available. We begin developing a customized solution from this preliminary benchmark:

  • Initial rankings
  • Competitive data
  • Link reputation
  • Recommended keywords
  • Keyword rankings

Use SEO to build a web presence buzzing with traffic truly interested in your business. Our team of talented SEO analysts, developers, and copywriters work under the hands-on direction of our senior strategists.

woman working on a tablet

Email Marketing

Most digital marketing plans use some level of email marketing, as it presents a low-risk, high-return investment. Email marketing generally has a relatively low cost, and allows your business to get your brand out there and reach a large number of consumers. If done well, you can also target specific consumers with relevant offers.

We have a proven track record of crafting email campaigns and in order to keep up with the fast-paced world of digital business, we are constantly evolving and improving. In order to build on your current strengths, we take a holistic approach to email marketing. Our cross-functional capabilities include the following:

  • Intelligent list management
  • Campaign research and refinement
  • A/B and multi-variate testing
  • Creative strategy and production
  • A number of acquisition opportunities

We can help you engage with your customers each time you reach out to them, and hopefully give them something to look forward to when they receive emails from you. The main aim of email marketing us to fulfill the expectations of your customers and to cultivate long-term relationships.

Testing and Optimisation

We not only help set up and develop your digital marketing campaign, we can also assist you in measuring performance. We'll therefore evaluate each campaign, isolating key elements that can be optimised, and test:

  • Design elements
  • Visual layout
  • Copy, creative and offers
  • Various channels
  • A range of functional elements
  • Frequency as well as recency and monetary factors

We want to maximize your ROI, so will locate optimal variables in order to fine-tune every campaign.