Should You Advertise Jobs on Multiple Sites?


If you’ve not tried advertising jobs across multiple platforms, from job boards to social media channels, it probably sounds like more work than you have time for! Surely it will require loads of resources?

However, it might not be as complicated as you might think, and getting your job ad out there, across various platforms, can be crucial in terms of hiring the right candidate. We’ve explored this topic in more detail below, including some of the key platforms you should consider posting your job adverts on!

Should You Advertise Jobs Internally?

You may be aware that lots of businesses find hiring internally to be extremely successful. The candidate will already fit in with your company culture, as well as know how all your systems and processes work. But even if you do move someone across to a new role, there will still be a vacant position! So is it worth advertising internally at all, or just posting the job on external sites?

The fact is, while you don’t necessarily need to advertise a job role internally, there are a number of benefits to letting your employees know about a vacancy. For instance, it is often better to promote someone internally, and then hire a new candidate for the less senior role. Not only this, but if you tell your staff about available positions, they may be able to recommend someone for the job.

Referrals have been shown to be a great way of hiring candidates. According to a survey conducted by Indeed, 74% of employers stated that the candidates they had found through employee referrals were incredibly qualified for the role. Referrals also save time and money when it comes to actively recruiting for a position.

Should You Advertise Jobs Externally?

If you manage to fill a role by hiring an existing candidate, or through using referrals, you may not need to externally advertise it at all. The only problem you might face is a limited talent pool. Specialised jobs in particular can be hard to recruit for using internal hiring practices. You may not be able to find an expert in a specific field if you only look within your business, or ask employees to recommend friends and family.

There could also be an issue of indirect discrimination if you only hire internally. For example, if you were looking to fill a managerial position, and your current employees are all male, you could be discriminating against women applying for the job if you were only looking at internal candidates. If your advertising were targeted, this could also lead to discrimination – if the advert were only visible on socuial media to people of a specific age range, for instance, this could be considered discriminatory.

Not every business will face such concerns, but it’s important to take these things into consideration when hiring a new candidate. Not only will you wish to avoid any type of discrimination, you’ll also want to find the most qualified person for the role, which can mean hiring externally.

Posting on Job Boards

When posting your job advert online, there are obviously lots of different platforms on which you can advertise. And most of these will have their own subsections as well! We’ve looked at a couple of the job boards you can post your ads on below:

General Job Boards

A general job board, such as Indeed, CV Library, Reed, Monster and TotalJobs, should have a big audience, and will therefore allow you the opportunity to reach a large number of candidates. You may need to pay to get your job description seen on some of these sites though, otherwise finding your job ad could require scrolling through hundreds of listings.

Niche Job Boards

If you’re looking to hire in a particular field, you may need to post a job advert on a niche job board. Although this will mean less people will see it, the people who do are more likely to be qualified for the role.

For instance, if you’re looking to hire someone for a tech role, you might try posting on CWJobs or JobServe, while Marketing Week and Only Marketing Jobs can be great for posting marketing roles. Or if you’re looking to hire someone in the charity sector, you could use job board sites like Third Sector or Charity Job.

Posting on Social Media

While it’s a good idea to post your job ads on job boards, it can be equally important to post adverts on social media. You can reach a wide audience, and if you use targeted ads, you can find the right people for your role. You may also be able to find passive candidates via social media platforms, which is not really a possibility when posting on job boards.

The most obvious social media channel to post on is LinkedIn, as the purpose of this site is to build professional connections and find qualified candidates. But lots of businesses have found success with posting on other social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, as these channels have large subscriber bases.

Overall, it’s not a bad idea to post your job advert wherever you can, as long as it doesn’t become too expensive. The wider your net, the better chance you have of finding the ideal candidate for the role! Get in touch with Pineapple Recruitment today to discuss the ways in which we can help with tracking down the best candidates.


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