Should I Advertise Jobs In The Local Paper?


Years ago, it was considered the done thing to post job ads in the newspaper. But these days, it’s far less common. Everything is done online now, which means that you’ll find fewer job listings in print form. The question is, should your business consider advertising in local papers? There are certainly some instances where print ads are better than online listings, but when should you choose the former over the latter? We’ve looked at this topic in more detail below!

Online Job Ads

When considering newspaper adverts, you have to compare these to online ads. Online job adverts have increasingly become the preferred method of attracting candidates. You can reach a much broader audience, and there are a number of different platforms you can use when posting an ad. For example, if you’re trying to find a candidate with a very specific skill set, you could post the job advert on niche industry job boards, as well as on the more mainstream sites.

Other than the wider reach, there are two main reasons as to why online job posting has become more popular in recent years. These are the rise of remote working and the increase of handy online tools, such as job alerts. We’ve explored these below:

Working From Home

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses have started to offer more remote jobs. While there was sometimes the possibility of remote working previously, you generally had to work for a business for an extended period of time before this could be discussed. The pandemic has shown that productivity levels won’t automatically drop if people are allowed to work from home, and companies are embracing flexible working.

So what does this mean for newspaper job ads? Essentially, remote working has made location less important, therefore job adverts in the local press are becoming less relevant. If you are able to place ads in national or industry newspapers, that may gain you some traction, but generally speaking, online is the way to go.

Job Alerts

Just like the increase of remote working, the rise of technology to help with job hunting and recruitment has made newspaper ads less effective. Many online job boards, such as Indeed, Total Jobs and Reed, allow job seekers to set up job alerts. These alerts mean that candidates can wait for the right opportunity to come to them, rather than searching for a role via every avenue.

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn also have the facility to set up job alerts. In fact, social media and online networking are fast becoming one of the more popular ways to find a new job. Overall, online job advertisements are much more effective than print ones.

Newspaper Ads

When it comes to newspaper and print ads, these won’t have as much reach as online ones. However, there are some industries where a print ad for a job listing is the expected medium. Jobs in particular trades, such as plumbing, home improvements and electrics, will often still be advertised in newspapers or trade publications.

And in terms of geographical reach, in smaller towns and cities, print ads are still an effective way of finding candidates. Job fairs and other local events can also be a good way to reach local candidates.

One of the benefits of posting job ads in a newspaper is that there are often less restrictions than with online ads. For instance, you can choose where the ad is placed in the newspaper, and include lots of create elements, such as photos. Print ads can be great for companies looking to get more brand recognition, without spending a fortune on online advertising, getting their postings to the top of the search results.

Another advantage of print advertising is that it can be a great way to reach commuters, particularly in London. Free newspapers, which are often handed out near tube stations, have a high level of visibility.

Is it Worth Advertising in Newspapers?

There is no simple answer to this question. Generally speaking, online advertising yields much better results, but there are nonetheless advantages to print ads. You may wish to consider using both methods when you’re recruiting.

Perhaps the most common reason for advertising in a newspaper is that you want to attract candidates in your local area. You may even want them to have local knowledge – estate agents, for example, would need to have a good understanding of their geographical location.

The question of whether it’s worth advertising in a newspaper is often dependent on your industry. Many professionals still subscribe to trade magazines, so if you wish to reach such candidates, you should not overlook print advertising.

Overall, many businesses continue to advertise in the paper, and it’s often the more dedicated candidates that recognise this. So by advertising in a local newspaper, you may be attracting a higher quality of job seekers. It’s not usually expensive to post an ad in a local paper, so it’s probably worth at least trying it to see if you’re successful!


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