How Your Leadership Can Help Others


As a leader, you’ll have plenty of stresses, obligations, and responsibilities. You were probably aware of this when you took on the role, but hopefully the salary is enough to make up for any pressure you’re under! What not a lot of people consider when they become business leaders is that, along with all the responsibilities, leadership is an opportunity to help others. 

To quote the Spiderman franchise, ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ And this is true of business leaders – you have a responsibility not just to yourself, but to your employees too. So who can you help, and in what ways? We’ve explored this topic in more detail below:

Leadership Can Help Others

Those in leadership can do a lot of good in the role. The obvious group of people they can help is their team members, but the opportunities go beyond that, into the wider community. Everything you do as a leader, particularly if your business is heavily involved in the local community, can impact what happens around you, and could affect more than just your colleagues. 

In terms of your staff, you have the chance to help others succeed in their day-to-day work, as well as in their long term goals, such as getting a promotion. You can furthermore work with your colleagues to help them gain confidence, and achieve a better work-life balance. Something you may not have considered is that by helping your team find fulfilment in their roles, and a better balance, your actions will also have a positive impact on those around them, such as their families. This is a huge privilege, and can be one of the joys of leadership.

As a leader, you can additionally ensure that your organisation reaches its full potential. You can contribute to something much bigger than yourself. Your work furthermore impacts your customer base, whether it’s directly or through the people you support and mentor. Overall, leadership is about more than just putting strategies into action – it’s about helping those around you, as well as people you affect indirectly.

Lead By Example

Some leaders don’t even realise how much influence they have. While you may know that well respected leaders are often emulated, you might not understand the extent of this. Imagine your actions as a stone in a pond. The biggest ripples, nearest the stone, are obvious, but as the ripples disperse it becomes harder to see them. But the impact is still there – your actions can have much wider reach than you think.

You’ve probably heard the sentiment that great leaders lead by example. And this is true, but the fact is, every leader is setting an example for their staff. The question is, are you setting a good example, that you’d be happy for others to emulate? 

When you stop and think about this, you realise that everything you do, from your words and actions to your body language and tone of voice, can influence your colleagues. Although you may just be one person, as a leader you are in a position to significantly influence those around you.

Shaping the Future

As outlandish as it may sound, as a leader, even of a relatively small organisation, you have the chance to change the world. If you set an objective, and plan a course of action, you may be able to make a big impact. As long as the outcome of your mission is valuable, such as reducing your company’s carbon footprint, you can actually shape the future. 

In terms of things like climate change, we all think that we can’t make a significant difference by ourselves. However, all it takes is one person leading the charge to create a better world. You have the chance to be such a person, so take the opportunities when they present themselves.

Leadership is an Opportunity

When we consider the ways in which a leader can make an impact, it often puts your responsibilities into perspective. Hopefully the opportunities you have in your role will drive you forward. These chances should push you to work with passion and commitment, creating a better work environment and helping to shape the world at large.

If you want to become a better leader, making a difference to those around you, you need to seize each opportunity that comes your way. Keep thinking about the ways in which you influence others, and make sure you’re the best role model you can be.


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