4 Ways to Improve Your Employability 


Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter how brilliant you know you’d be in a role – a potential employer has to be convinced too! And if your CV doesn’t completely align with the job description, it can be difficult to convince a business that you’d be a great fit.

Not to mention the fact that the job market can be highly competitive – unless you show yourself to be incredibly employable, you may struggle to get your dream job. So how can you improve your employability, and your chances of getting hired? We’ve explored the top four ways you can stand out below:

1. Picture Your Success

It may sound a little bit ridiculous, but visualising yourself in a role really can help get you there! This technique is often used by highly successful people, including entrepreneurs, actors and athletes. There have also been numerous studies that suggest positive thinking can improve your real-life performance.

And if visualisation isn’t enough for you, create a plan with a clear end goal. Where do you want to be in six months time, or a year? What about your dream job, much later down the line? Once you have a destination in mind, you can consider some of the steps needed to get there.

Another exercise you can try is setting aside time every day to meditate, thinking about yourself working in your ideal role. The more detailed the visualisation, the better, from the clothes you’re wearing to what you’re achieving that day. A clear image can give you purpose and direction, ensuring you meet your goals.

2. Sharpen Your Skills

When it comes to improving your skills, it’s good to think about where your talents lie. What are your strengths, and do you have any areas that need improvement? Consider topics you can research and courses you can take, in order to excel in a particular area. You can start out small – perhaps something like improving your typing speed or getting to grips with every aspect of Microsoft Office. Then work your way up to more industry specific knowledge and expertise.

Sharpening your skills doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You don’t necessarily have to get any formal education, such as a degree or diploma, though that may be something you wish to look into. Something simple, like reading books and journals on a relevant topic, or listening to podcasts, can be a great way to ignite your interest in your field, and develop your knowledge.

3. Get Published

We’re not suggesting that you publish a bestselling book – though that’s not to say you’re not capable of doing so! In terms of improving your employability, it’s a good idea to start getting your name out there, by publishing content online. That way, if potential employers search for you online, they will come across this content, and quickly discover how well informed and interested you are in your chosen topic.

There are a number of mediums you can use online, from writing your own blog (or guest posting on another relevant blog), to creating a podcast covering topics in your industry. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even make a series of YouTube videos! Perhaps create a few primer videos, to introduce your audience to different aspects of your field.

4. Network and Make New Connections

In the words of American business magnate Warren Buffett, “one of the best things you can do in life is to surround yourself with people who are better than you are.” If you associate with intelligent, passionate people, you will feel more inspired yourself, and hopefully find a mentor to help you progress in your career.

It’s also important to make new connections on a regular basis. While it may be slightly challenging for more introverted people, it’s a good idea to step outside of your regular social circle, and meet other people in your industry. Consider going to networking events, or reach out via platforms like LinkedIn. Ask these people how they got where they are today, and maybe see if they can introduce you to other like minded individuals. You could even host your own events, and start building a professional network of your own.

You may not wish to carry out all these steps when it comes to improving your employability. But just trying a few new things, and starting to get your name out there can make a big difference! And if you’re still unsure, try speaking to recruitment agencies like Pineapple Recruitment – we’re always happy to offer advice on moving forward in your career journey.


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