Our Journey So Far

The Big Golden Pineapple family is made up of several versatile and talented individuals. We are the definition of small but mighty. As a collective, we each bring something unique and powerful to the table, and our individual skills are never underappreciated or underutilised in our perpetual quest for continuous improvement and organisational efficiency.

We are always looking towards the horizon to see how we can do better, and we push ourselves and each other to constantly reach that next goal or target. Over years of working with each other, we've optimised our approach to enable tight communication and peak efficiency, with everyone firmly focused on a common goal.

The result is an outstanding team ready to take any challenge head on.

This has meant that we’ve been able to operate on a business as usual basis throughout the global pandemic, shifting between our office space and working from home seamlessly, a feat that thousands of businesses across every industry have unfortunately struggled with. Something we’re particularly proud of was our ability to set up our remote call centre.

We saw other businesses forced to switch to email or live chat only contact with their customers, whereas we were able to continue to deliver world leading customer service across all channels, to make sure we continue to deliver the right outcomes to our customers.