Big Golden Pineapple is a holding group for a number of products operating in the professional services sector.

We offer innovative software and business solutions for both B2B and B2C. Starting out in the financial sector, we have taken our successful business functions and used these across a variety of platforms.

We are a dynamic team that thrives on innovation and improving our processes wherever possible, to deliver positive outcomes for our customers at all times. As we have grown as a business, we have endeavoured to ensure that we never stray from this philosophy.

Big Golden Pineapple is always striving for more, which is evidenced by our amazing customer feedback, in addition to industry recognition from esteemed awards bodies.

The Meaning Behind Big Golden Pineapple

I have always had a penchant for pineapples. I like the way they taste, the way they look, and that they have an interesting history, being considered 'luxury' in Europe in the 17th to 19th centuries. In December 2015, when we were running award winning Fintech business DJS (UK) Limited, my eldest son bought me a model of a golden pineapple for my desk. Three days after he gave it to me, we became the first HCSTC lender to receive full authorisation from the FCA. From that point on, the business grew from strength to strength, going up against the big players in the industry and outshining them all. That golden pineapple became a symbol of good fortune for me, and has sat prominently on every desk I’ve manned, as a reminder of where we’d grown from. When DJS (UK) Limited went into administration, I knew we would need a little bit of luck to take another start-up that would match its success. I'd always associated that little golden pineapple with a change in our fortunes. And did you know that pineapples have the incredible power of regeneration? With the right care and focus, the discarded leafy top of the fruit can be used to grow a whole new pineapple. To grow again from something small into something bountiful was exactly what I had in mind for my team and my next business venture. And so, Big Golden Pineapple was born.