Who is Big Golden Pineapple?

Pineapples are pretty incredible things. With enough care and attention, you can grow a whole new fruit from a few leaves. Here at Big Golden Pineapple, we’re all about growth, whether it’s in our members of staff, prosperity, or new business ventures. 

So who are we, and what do we do? Big Golden Pineapple started life as a fintech firm, winning multiple awards for innovation, business practices and company culture. And we certainly grew, from a few employees in a tiny office to almost a hundred staff members in a sprawling central Bournemouth location. We’ve since moved, and the business has seen various changes, but our main focus has not wavered - we’re not just growing but flourishing, and we’d like to help your business do the same. 

Here at Big Golden Pineapple, we’ve built a number of sites, software solutions and services, which although seem varied, all have the same goal - making people’s lives simpler and hopefully happier! 

You can find out more about each of our ventures and products below, so you can get a better feel for our business ecosystem.